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Procuro is dedicated to working with our customers to provide “End to End Quality Control & Visibility” and using the PIMM ™ PPT to more accurately access the thermal condition of each and every product. Procuro is the EXPERT in Cold Chain Management & Cold Storage Solutions. This work led us to use a globally accepted process of measuring temperature variation (“mean kinetic temperature”), that provides a “Projected Product Temperature” (PPT) based upon the normal fluctuation of environmental conditions, i.e. Cold Storage, Staging, Transport and Delivery. It’s our answer to expensive, limited and proprietary functionality of the on-board computers (EOBR/ELD) solutions in the market today. Keep reading below to get PIMMified!


Cold Chain Technologies

The future of PIMM ™ AI being applied more and more to “Predictive Management” solutions. Building Management Systems is a great example of where AI can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of systems like HVAC; Lighting; Energy Mgmt.; Security; Power Systems; Gears, Sub-Feeds; 24-hr Standby. PIMM ™ will dynamically create a “Preventive Maintenance Alert” when the threshold of the component or equipment is violated. The corrective action could be a reset or a restart; a required lubrication or calibration; an automatic re-order of a replacement part; etc.

Supply chain solutions or cold chain technologies
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The key is to act before the incident or event. The PIMM ™ AI engine will:
“Predict” a problem
Issue the “Preventive Maintenance Alert”
Create the “Corrective Action”; and
” Order” the work order or required parts; then
” Confirm” that the Corrective Action was implemented
The goal is to Prevent Events and incidents and allow the Ops team to Sleep Well!!